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Women in Focus

Women in focus everyday

A global initiative to increase awareness about women in media especially in developing nations. {M. A. D} @Peace, WIFE media arts competition is developed as a platform to highlight the role in , contribution to , challenges for and future direction of women working in media industry.

Women Enablement Media Themes

Contributions || Problems || Solutions || Inspirations Fresh ideas || Future discourse

Why Participate?

Global exposure || Fun || Awards || Prizes || Certificates || Recommendations
Opportunity to work for international organizations
Present work in Peace.University seminars, workshop and other programmes
Global exhibitions || Recognition
Opportunity to meet and work with international experts and celebrities
Personalized professional development career opportunity
International media industry penetration
Bring forward your creativities and your support for women enablement in media!

This competition is a part of global women enablement research and development initiative of Peace University and partners for increased peace & prosperity. Equality is the only way to Progress , Prosperity and Peace!

We appreciate industry experts established artists and professionals for advisement, guidance and jury participation. Please contact us at info@peace.university