MS and PhD students play a critical role in our department’s research and teaching enterprise, partnering with the faculty to deliver excellence in education and discovery.

Academic disciplines, concentrations and majors

Masters Degree

The objectives of higher learning, postgraduate, Masters Degree programs (30 credit hours) are to excel in a specific subject within a knowledge area and develop mastery and achieve academic excellence in a specific body of knowledge in one of the concentrations offered by the University. The Master’s Degree programs prepare individuals to achieve the highest standards of academic learning in a certain field of study and help in progress towards a certain professional or career path. Academic advising required.

Masters Degree programs are primarily different from the Master’s Degree programs offered by other schools of similar profiles in scientific theory and application of scientific learning in different bodies of knowledge. The students use different science, technology and research-oriented programs and techniques. Not all programs are available as the Master of Science Degree program; academic advising is required before formulating a program of study.

Doctoral Degree

The ultimate achievement in an academic environment is the Doctoral Degree (75 Credit Hours). The objective of the Doctoral Degree program through research and academic study is to make students investigate and research a very specific problem within a certain area or field of study as applicable to the industry or society related problems and issues.

Every student is expected to pick a relevant, useful topic for their research to earn a Doctoral degree as suggested by previous or fellow researchers. The Doctoral degree is an acknowledgment of a student’s ultimate scholarly and research-based capabilities and achievements in a certain area of study.

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