Entrance requirements

  • Applicants must submit an online or paper-based application with all required and supporting documents for consideration.
  • Applicants must be high school graduate or hold a GED to pursue Diploma, Associate or Bachelor’s Degree program must hold a Bachelor’s Degree to pursue a Post Graduate Degree or Diploma program
  • There is no pre-requisite for pursuing a Certificate program
  • Based on the information and credentials, faculty or staff may ask certain candidates to take a competency, entrance or equivalency test to determine their academic standing, depth of knowledge and experience (if they are claiming educational credits based on experience) in their area of interest
  • A personal interview may be required

Credit for previous education, training and experience

  • The school accepts transfer credits from other schools after evaluating the content of the courses taken, and may allow credits for courses with similar content and academic goals
  • Students may be asked to take additional courses to make up for any deficiency
  • The school, based on equivalency tests, challenge exams, projects and assignments by the faculty or on faculty’s recommendation, may grant credits for certain professional training, trade related, professional or military work experience
  • The school staff to determine credits to be awarded, if any, reviews Previous education, training and experience

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