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Global leadership

The Global Leadership Program (GLP) exposes chosen students to international and interdisciplinary leadership focusing on developing global concerns, preparing them for global leadership roles in their chosen professions as GLP Fellows. An opportunity to advance one’s abilities may be offered.

The curriculum equips fellows with the skills necessary to think critically and creatively, speak logically and effectively, embrace ambiguity and complexity, be adaptable and non-dogmatic, and comprehend the complex commercial, political, religious, and cultural concerns that face society today.

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    Youth leadership program

    YLP is one of the oldest youth organizations in the world, but has been using modern technology and trends to encourage sustainable development. In Arab countries, youth face numerous social, political and economic problems in their neighborhoods. This program aims at empowering young people to realize their potential, in order to make them developers, leaders, managers. People desire to see changes happening in communities, countries and entire regions.

    Comprehensive leadership

    A comprehensive leadership program usually consists of components including team building, communication, decision-making, mentoring, coaching, and skill development sessions catered to different facets of leadership. Developing leaders at all organizational levels and promoting a culture of leadership excellence are common goals. The Effective Leader is the result of the Leadership Program that provides people with the tools to lead and manage effectively. Skills and critical skills, the program includes a variety of leadership, thinking and techniques used to develop strong and capable leaders.

    Virtual leadership program

    Today's world, online dashboards are more important than ever. This program is designed to help you become the best virtual leader so you can lead your team to success wherever they are.The goals of this project are Master Online Communication,Build Powerful Virtual Teams, Adapting to Virtual Challenges Encourage Working in the Office. By Virtual Leadership Program you will become a confident and effective leader in the virtual world. You'll be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to lead your team to success wherever they are.

    Management Excellence program

    Management Excellence, Whether you are a new leader or looking to improve your leadership skills, this program is designed to help you succeed. With simple tips and practical exercises, you'll gain the knowledge and confidence you need to succeed in your role. The objective of this program is to develop the Management Skills,leadership skills,Adapting to change and innovations,increase efficiency and productivity.

    Developing style and sound decisions

    Developing a leadership style and making sound decisions program involves understanding your own strengths, values, and communication style, as well as learning effective decision-making frameworks. It also includes practicing empathy, active listening, and fostering a culture of collaboration and accountability within your team. By focusing on these areas and continuously refining your approach, you can develop your own leadership style and make sound decisions that drive success for yourself and your team.

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