Faculty, Staff, and Administration

Ziad Khan
Socialpreneur, Filmmaker, Educator, Researcher, Women Empowerment and youth engagement activist. Capacity Building, Education, Technology, Media and Business expert with over 28 years of Executive and Entrepreneurial leadership experience in a vast array of international organizations. 22 years of experience providing effective academic and technical leadership and oversight of academic operations spread across several continents. Philanthropist and volunteer to the core, Mr. Khan has been offering education, learning and training solutions to over 50,000 individual students, governments, corporations and not for profit organizations.
Monica Marshall
Ms. Marshall is highly motivated, energetic and results driven team member with in-depth knowledge of social media marketing for education. Areas of expertise include health, fitness and holistic healing, nutrition, maths, and social matters. Monica is currently involved in school management and community development programs. She is very social and has meaningful discourse to drive innovative and comprehensive solutions for Women Empowerment and Youth Engagement issues. She devotes her time in empowering women by arranging resources for issues like rights, violence, health, women literacy, and help young women prepare to live a prosperous and successful life.
Rebecca Thompson
Content Management Specialist and Education Subject Matter Expert, Ms. Thompson has been in the field of education for over 20 years. She has been deeply involved in curriculum development, designing content, instructional management and learning management systems from traditional printed material content to new media and web-based collaborative technologies.
Asif Shah
Meticulous, detail-oriented professional with ability to improve productivity in high-tech business operations, Mr. Shah is trusted and valued for his ability to translate new technologies into highly efficient business solutions. He is an excellent communicator and presenter, with proven record of training and leading productive teams. His areas of expertise, professional strength and hands-on experience include, Project Management, Pre-Approved Risibility Clearance, SCRUM, Process Improvement, Data Analysis, Querry Language, Workflow Management/JIRA, Agile Sprint Sessions, Operational Streamlining, Root Cause Analysis, Problem Solving Skills, Productivity Improvement, Customer Relations Management Solutions, JAD Sessions, Quality Assurance, Quality Management and User Acceptability Testing, Use Cases, E-Bills and eCommerce Solution.
Reshma Bano
Human Capital Development and Management are most important to our functional core and Reshma has greatly strengthened it with her multinational exprience through teaching and practicing. MS. Bano is an Organizational Development and Human Capital Development expert who has introduced new concepts and practices in the domain. She has been an innovator and original thinking practitioner.
Dr. Robert Tedeschi
Dr. Tedeschi, a US Veteran, and an educationist, has worked in health care education and technology verticals for over 30 years. He has headed departments, chaired commissions and committees on education and technology, administered and taught in several colleges and universities in class and in collaborative learning spaces.Dr. Tedeschi's career combines a breadth and depth of administrative working and wisdom with in-depth knowledge and experience in the application of innovative educational techniques and technologies.
Erum Shaheen
Technology and databases expert, having an experience of 10 years in the field, Ms. Shaheen has worked with international healthcare and technology companies before joining us as education technology manager. She has worked on many complex technologies including web-based, collaborative and conference systems and databases.
Marry Chambers
Learning Methods, Human Resource, and Organizational Development are some of the specialty areas that Ms. Chambers brings to the esteemed Peace faculty. Research methods, design, and social media are vastly her areas of interest coupled with neurosciences concepts of brain-based learning. Ms, Chambers has an extensive network and is widely respected amongst entrepreneurial circles and has frequently advised on matter of capacity building, enhanced employee performance, career growth, leadership and management skills, recruitment services, talent management and other Organizational Development strategies.
Kate de Jude
began working in visual arts after inspiration came through the paintings of touring English artist, Aldous Eveleigh. She has developed this innovative artform over many years and manipulates wire in a specialized and fascinating way. Sculptures are created with a single strand of wire. Subject matter traverses time through vignettes of everyday life creating a sculptural diary of thoughts and fascinations. Alongside, Ms. de Jude has set new standards of collborative team work and offshore resource utilization.
Dr. Saman Hasan
While administering schools of general interest, Dr. Hassan’s area of expertise is Islamic schools in North America, she has extensive research in education with a specialization in legal aspects, rules, and regulatory frameworks. She is currently very actively involved in the education industry as a professional and helps several organizations on a voluntary basis for the love of expanding literacy and education around the globe.
Dr. William Taget Jr.
Dr. Taget has doctorate in Technology Deployments for educational institutions. He is a veteran researcher and education administrator besides being one of the most popular teacher and mentor at the school. He works with many government agencies, not for profit organizations and industry leading corporations with reference to his research, development, and educational interests.
Dr. Khuram Farooq
Audit finance, accounting information technology and enterprise resource planning expert, Dr. Farooq continues to work with the Auditor Generals department, Siemens and the World Bank besides Digital International.
Linda Washington
Linda Washington is an information technology and customer relations expert with over 20 years of experience with United States federal and many other states governments. She has worked with many high profile international companies.
Zainab Chaudhery
With diverse, in-depth and progressive organizational experience in teaching, research, analyses, report writing, customer relations management, business intelligence and analytics, and a driven enterprising attitude and ambition, Ms. Waheed has been recognized for her distinct contribution and multifarious scholarly aptitude. Her ability to focus and resolve problems are her core strengths and present an unparalleled vision.
Tatiana Shukova
With a keen interst in applied aspects of the interfaith domain, Ms. Shukova is an interactive, solution-focused professional with more than 10 years experience. Her approach is to provide insight, support and constructive feedback to help effectively address life challenges. She has successfully integrated complementary methodologies and techniques to offer a highly personalized approach with compassion and understanding, her work encompasses helping to build on strengths and attain the growth in the subject area.
Dr. Ayesha Siddiqa
Dr. Siddiqa, author of several books, regularly speaks at international conferences and seminars on a wide array of interests including public policy, strategy, socio-economic and socio-political causes. She is a fellow of several think-tanks and lectures in international institutions of repute. She also travels extensively and teaches in schools around the world.
Shakera Bassit
A specialist in finance and economics, Ms. Bassit has done extensive research in such areas relevant to literacy and school education, and has written several papers and published reports on the economic development in the Islamic world. Her current area of interest includes holistic development, training and early education.
Doreen Cohanim C. Ht.
Ms. Cohanim has been teaching, training and treating in holistic healing and psychological disciplines. She uses a diverse range of collaborative learning tools including video conferencing, managed learning and other collaborative tools. She’s very passionate about training and professional development.
Prima Khan
Ms. Khan has vast international experience in education industry as a faculty teaching, training and adminstering educational institutions. She worked in institutions of learning at lower and higher levels as well as international professional schools. Ms. Khan has extensive experience in diversity and multiethnic communities. She is a law graduate.
Dr. Sana Yusfi
Dr. Yusfi is an expert of management, trade and investment; she has worked with the governments negotiating numerous investment and development programs internationally. Working extensively in the areas of development finance, auditing and revenue collection, she has headed several state departments, forming policies constructing workshops, trainings and capacity building programs on a large scale.
Iftikhar Khan
Mr. Khan, a passionate teacher in diverse subject areas, education technology expert, and strategy and policy director has worked with chartered education institutions and vocational and professional development training institutions. He has in-depth understanding of Government programs, subsidies, grants and proposals and multitude of education technology funding sources.
Mahmood Akhtar Rana
Expertise in analysis of education public policy, project planning, monitoring and evaluation, Mr. Rana has a vast experience working with governments, corporate and not for profit institutions. He has been involved in teaching and training as a lifelong passion. His expertise also includes working with international organizations, donors, funders and program development groups.
Denise DeSilva
After completing her education and trying various different fields in terms of work and career, Ms. DeSilva developed her interest in HR and since then she has been an HR manager and executive for last over 20 years and she has worked with a variety of multinational corporations and educational institutions in international settings.
Shruti Shah
Ms. Shah has worked with international education and training organizations for over 25 years. Her area of expertise is staff development initiatives and training programs. Ms. Shah has also worked significantly in capacity building, soft and life skills. She has worked passionately with students in personal development and strength training using different modes of instruction.
Dr. Sabrina Bordic
Having an in-depth experience of working with inner city schools, Dr. Bordic has her doctorate in public policy implications for inner city educational institutions. She has worked closely with many government agencies about youth employment and government funding for employment based training.Close
Mian A. Rauf
With almost every significant certification and qualification in Finance and Accounting in UK and USA, Mr. Rauf is one of the most diversified accounting, tax and finance veterans. Having worked with several organizations of repute including KPMG, and US federal government, his experience is extensive in auditing, finance development, and accounting.
Sundas Waheed
Ms. Waheed has been handpicked amongst the most brilliant students because of her undaunted talent and ability to analyze complex problems, logically reason and decision-making skills. She manages a very complex environment consisting of staff, consultants, teachers, trainers, students, customers, and vendors. She monitors and analyzes progress reports and works with the board. She also manages proposals, grants, and web activities.
Anita Sachdev
A certified international corporate coaching expert, motivational speaker and education and training veteran for over 30 years, Ms. Sachdev has worked with corporations from all over the world in staff training, executive development corporate productivity improvement.