Minorities @Peace

Peace University always gave great importance and catered to the ever growing population of minorities in the US. America is a great nation of immigrants and takes pride in welcoming people from all over the world without discriminating on the basis of color, religion or ethnic origin. Center for Advance Research and Development {C.A.R.D} develops programs and works on issues related to minorities.

The mission of Peace University includes:

To promote academic excellence by offering quality programs in Peace, Ethics, Conflict Resolution, Tolerance, Anger Management, Youth Engagement, Women Empowerment, Capacity Building and other relevant areas.

To conduct conferences, workshops, seminars, symposia and other activities in sync with our goals and objectives. Peace University is an equal opportunity institution to serve regardless of ethnicity, creed, faith, race, color, age, sex, origin, familial status or physical conditions.

To make alliances, partnerships, collaborations and team up globally with like minded
institutions who share the same mission and vision.

The philosophy behind such offerings is to prepare citizens to deal with the challenges with a balanced, healthy mind by promoting, peace, harmony, mutual coexistence, spiritual and in turn holistic healing.