Advising & Getting Started

Mode of instruction

We adopted the Collaborative Learning Instructional Platform (CLIP), Virtual Learning Instructional Platform (VLIP) and use Personal Learning Environment Platform (PLEP) as a preferred mode of instruction even though we use traditional mediums of learning as well. We believe our method is best suited to most adult learners who want to pursue educational Certificate, Diploma and Degree programs or seek academic knowledge on certain subjects at their own pace, time, and flexible terms while keeping their job, or other activities. We team up with world leaders in collaborative learning and education technologies to bring the best possible content, curriculum, technology and platform to our students.

Structuring a Study Plan / Program

Following is a partial list of programs and courses of study. We ask students to think out of the box, be creative, innovative and original, not to limit their potential and pursuits, and yet be practical. Students should put a program together that is best suited to their academic and career goals and objectives and is acceptable to the academic advisor.

Keep the following point in mind while devising a program:

  1. Academic advisor and the Dean’s approval is required before pursuing a program.
  2. All courses can be taken as I, II, III and IV additive series for the certificate, diploma, associate and bachelors and V, VI, VII, and VIII for postgraduate diploma, master and doctoral degrees.
  3. Any course may be included as long as it matches the academic and career goals of the student.
  4. Challenge exam, work experience, previous learning, program equivalence will require extra documentation to the academic advisor, program department and the Dean’s office satisfaction.
  5. We have kept the program structure open is to provide the students with an opportunity to create focused, relevant and most beneficial programs best suited to their needs, goals, and objectives.
  6. Seminars, Research, thesis, Special or Advance Projects, or topics, Current Issues, independent Studies are all 6 credit hour courses.
  7. The student must prepare a proposal for each of these courses and get it approved by Academic Advisor and Dean’s office.
  8. Internship and Externship may be up to 12 hours solely based on the Academic Advisor’s recommendation and Dean’s official approval.
  9. All of these courses may not be available to all students in every program.
  10. Every student must work with their academic advisor to devise details of each course. Students are expected to research and develop an outline of their programs with suitable study material and submit it at 4 weeks prior to their start date for review, recommendation and approval.
  11. Feel free to suggest a program, a course, or a plan for yourself or for the benefit of other students, you will get credit for that.

Degree Requirements

Associate Degree60 Credits
Bachelor Degree120 Credits
Master Degree36 Credits
Doctoral Degree76 Credits